Samariton AED - Adult

Samariton PAD (Public Access Defibrillator) is an ideal AED for infrequent use environments such as Fire, Police, schools, churches, airports, health clubs businesses and public areas. 

Easy to Operate
It has a simple user interface which talks you through the entire process.  Controls and pads are accessible, even with your Samariton still in the case.  A flashing green status light indicates that the unit is operational.  When electrode pads are applied, the system automatically assesses the patient to determine if a shock is required. If not, the unit will prompt the rescuer to begin CPR.  Verbal and visual prompts guide the rescuer when to touch and when not to touch the patient. If it is determined that a shock is required, the Shock Button illuminates.  Automatically performs a self-test daily. 

This pediatric capable unit is biphasic and meets current AHA standards.  Optional Saver Software allows transfer of data to a PC for post event review and printing.

Durable and Ultra-Portable
This is ultra-rugged unit is half the size of most other AEDs and weighs only 2.5 pounds!  It includes a sturdy carry case which can hold a spare pads as well as a first responders kit. IP56 certification provides impressive protection against solids (>1.0mm in diameter) and liquids (jetting water from any direction).

Cost-Effective Disposable
Thus Samariton has a single disposable  with a a 4 year expiration date, called a PadPak.  The PadPak consists of both the Pads and the battery.  Thus, each patient gets a fresh pair of pads and a new battery.

For an infrequently used AED, having a single disposable which is good for 3.5 years will significantly reduce operating costs.  Samariton PAd Pak will cost only $140 (Adult) or $175 Pediatric) for 4 years - half the cost of most other AEDs. 
(most other AED's will require a new set of pads for every patient costing $40 or more, plus a new battery  every 2 to 3 years costing $250 or more. 

For patients over 8 years old or weighing greater than 55 pounds, use the Adult PadPak.  For patients 1 to 8 years old or who weigh under 55 pounds, use the Pediatric Pad Pak.  

10 Year Warranty. 

Call for discount!

Part Number: #HS-PAD-BAS-US-05

Price: $1,175.00

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