MD100A1-E Portable ECG Unit

MD100A1-E is an Ultra-Portable ECG Unit which is ideal for EMS/Rescue, physician, home care and patient use.  1-lead ECG Strips and results may be displayed, stored and transferred to a PC for archiving and printing.  Includes software to transmit to PC, USB Cable and 3-lead ECG cable.

MD100A1-E's 0.5 to 75 hertz frequency response provides optimal signal quality.  Grid marks are provided at 5mm spacing.  The unit can be configured to store 30 seconds strips or be put in a continuous  mode for extended monitoring.

Patient may hold the unit's electrodes between both hands (Lead I), use the right hand to hold the unit against the left leg (Lead II) or use the right hand to hold the unit against the chest (chest lead).  However, do note that if the patient has dry skin, there will be high impedance and you may get poor signal quality.  Applying water or gel to the skin may improve impedance and ECG signal quality. 

Note that the MD100A1-E performs  much better than the MD100B (a similar unit sold elsewhere).  The MD100A is shaped to be able to take readings using the palms of the hands instead of using fingers which are often have dry skin (the problem with the MD100B).

For better signal quality, you can use the limb clips (included with the unit) or the optional snap-electrode ecg cable.  The limb clips can clip against the patients wrists and leg and applies gentle pressure to reduce artifact and noise.  The limb clips are especially useful on geriatric patients which may have thin skin which would be easily damaged with electrode use.  For the best signal quality and least noise on the ECG waveform,  use the 3 lead cable and apply electrodes . 

Always relax when taking measurements, as muscle action may cause noise to appear on the ECG signal.

The unit will automatically power off if no key is pressed within 60 seconds.

An optional carry case is available and has 2 zippered sections, providing protection for the unit and enough space for accessories and other first aid products.

This unit comes supplied with the Limb Clips and Limb Clips Cable.  If you also want the Snap-Electrode ECG Cable also, please order it separately.

Part Number: #CM-MD100A1-E

Price: $159.00

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