LP12 to 15 Mount Upgrade Kit

LP12 to 15 Mount Upgrade Kit

This upgrade kit is used to convert a LIFEPAK 12 Wall Mount with Swivel (or a LIFEPAK 12 Universal Mount) into a LIFEPAK 15 Mounting Bracket.

Kit consists of:
2 LP15 Mount Silver Posts and Screws
1 set of LP15 MountingFeet and Screws
Handle Insert for LIFEPAK 15 + Sealant 

Installation Instructions:
Remove the silver Mounting posts on the bottom of your LIFEPAK 12 Mount and replace these with the LIFEPAK 15 Mounting posts (which are slightly higher).

Insert the LIFEPAK 15 Mounting Feet onto the bottom of your LIFEPAK 15 useing the provided 18mm screw set

Do not use an electric screwdriver or drill to tighten screws.  When resistance is felt, do not continue to tighten.  Overtightening screws can cause damage to your LIFEPAK 15's outer shell -- which would be a repair not covered by our warranty.

If you will only be using LIFEPAK 15s in the mount, remove the LIFEPAK 12 insert from the securing arm and use the supplied sealant to install the LIFEPAK 15 Handle Insert.  Verify that the mount secures snugly to the LIFEPAK 15 and adjust the height of the sceuring arm if needed.

If you  wish to use both LIFEPAK 15s and LIFEPAK 12s in the mounting bracket, you may leave the existing LIFEPAK 12 Handle Insert in place.  Verify that the securing  secures snugly to both the LIFEPAK 12s and LIFEPAK 15s. 

You may need to insert Height Adjusters into your LIFEPAK 12's mounting feet if your  LIFEPAK 12 was fitted to feet prior to 2010 (older LIFEPAK 12 feet are slightly shorter).  These spacers are used to increase the height of older LIFEPAK 12 Mounting feet, so that LIFEPAK 12's may be placed into the LIFEPAK 15 Mounting Bracket.  One spacer is placed under each of the two the balck rubber round anti-skid pieces on the bottom of each of the two mounting feet (4 spacers are needed per LIFEPAK).  It will not be necessary to remove the mounting feet from the LIFEPAK 12 to install the spacer.  Simply unscrew the black rubber anti-skid piece, remove it, place the spacer in the hole in the mounting feet, insert the anti-skid unit and re-screw in.  

Part Number: #AD-8230-0073

Price: $295.00

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