Additional Set of Mounting Feet & Screws for  LIFEPAK 12

Additional Set of Mounting Feet & Screws for LIFEPAK 12

Each LIFEPAK 12 that is placed into a LIFEPAK 12 Wall Mount with Swivel or LIFEPAK 12 Universal Mount will need to have a set of mounting feet installed to it.  Mounting Brackets come supplied with 1 set of mounting feet and screws. 

This kit consists of an additional set of mounting feet (one right foot and one left foot) and the custom screws needed for installation.

Installation Notes:
If using the most recent version of Physio LP12 carry case (the one with a plastic plate on the bottom), use the 20mm screw set.  If using older LP12 carry cases which do not have a black plastic plate on the bottom, use the 18mm long screw set.  If not using a carry case, please use the 16mm long screw set. 

Using a screw set which is too long could cause the screws to bottom out when you are screwing them in.  Continued screwing could then cause you to pull the nuts out of the LIFEPAK 12's outer shell 

Do not use an electric screwdriver or drill to tighten screws.  When resistance is felt, do not continue to tighten.  Overtightening screws can cause damage to your LIFEPAK 12's outer shell -- which would be a repair not covered by our warranty.

Part Number: #AD-7230-0054

Price: $250.00

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