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Finger Pulse Oximeters

TMS’s Finger Pulse Oximeters are ideal for rugged use environments such as Fire and EMS as well as for use by hospitals, clinics, home care and patients.  They are designed to provide accurate affordable SpO2 and Pulse Rate readings in a convenient easily transportable unit.  All of our units operate via two AAA batteries and include a lanyard and a carry case.  The lanyard can be used to secure the pulse oximeter to the first responder's bag so that it is never left behind.  All of our pulse oximeters have FDA clearance for use as medical devices.

Perfusion Indicator (CF3 and C310 models only) alerts clinicians to poor perfusion which may result in poor accuracy.  Poor perfusion may be an indicator of shock, injury or diabetes.  For patients with cold hands, the hash mark on the perfusion indicator will rise as the patient’s finger warms up .  When the indicator reaches the top, you can be confident of good perfusion and accurate readings.

The CF3 is our most rugged model and is ideal for use in the EMS and Fire Markets.  It has been designed with reinforced plastics to improved crush resistance and durability.

T4 Finger Pulse Oximeter Click Image For More Info

T4 Finger Pulse Oximeter

T4 is a rugged oximeter with our greatest range of operating  temperatures - ideal for Fire and EMS, as well as geriatric patients, home health care, physician office and hospital use.  T4 is is much brighter (allowing outdoor use in full sunlight) and the display may be rotated to face either the the health care provider or the patient.  Advanced motion rejection algorithms allow stable numercs despite hand tremmors.  T4's grip insert allows fingers to warm up quickly and is thus ideal for patients with cold hands.
List Price: $99.00 Sale Price: $30.00

P12 Finger Pulse Oximeter Click Image For More Info

P12 Finger Pulse Oximeter

P12's pink color is stylish and allows it to easily be seen when left on a table or shelf; while other more neutral-colored pulse oximeters may blend in and may be lost.  Advanced tremor and artifact rejection algorithms make it ideal for hospital and critical care use, as well as personal use.
List Price: $75.00 Sale Price: $30.00

C5 Pediatric Finger Pulse Oximeter Click Image For More Info

C5 Pediatric Finger Pulse Oximeter

C5 is a small lightweight Finger Pulse Oximeter specifically designed for Pediatric use and smaller finger sizes.  It displays Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate plus either the waveform or Sat Bars in 6 different display modes.  It also has tremor and artifact rejection algorithms to provide more accurate readings, even with the motion often present when reading pediatric patients.  Please note that the actual color on the top section of the unit is green and not blue.
List Price: $95.00 Sale Price: $50.00

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